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People and Family Law

People & Family Services

Have you had your Last Will and Protection Mandate prepared yet? If not, in case of death, the Law will prevail and will determine your heirs… If a sickness or an accident should happen and deprive you of your physical and/or mental abilities, the Court will determine the person who will be your representative…

Our human and warm approach will certainly meet your needs in terms of People and Family Law.

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We can also complete the following mandates :

  • Last Will;
  • Protection Mandate (incapacity);
  • Anticipated medical directives;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Celebration of marriage or civil union;
  • Homologation of a protection mandate;
  • Curatorship/Guardianship;
  • Agreement between spouses;
  • Separation agreement.


Marriage is one of the most important step of one’s life, and is not just a celebration sealing the love between two individuals, but something which will change the legal status of each spouse. Before the celebration, it is important to consult your Notary to find out about all legal consequences to getting married and obtain all necessary explanations related to the impacts of a marriage according to the Civil Code of Quebec. This will also allow the future spouses to make an informed choice as for the matrimonial regime they will choose.

Did you know that your Notary can, not only explain all legal consequences of your commitment, but also celebrate your marriage? The quite unique unfolding of the celebration itself can be adapted to your needs and wishes!

Non-Contentious Procedures

Non contentious procedures consist of legal procedures under which the requests that are formulated cannot be contested by the parties. The latter are not in conflict with each other and require the Court to confirm the conclusions sought. Some of these procedures can be done before a Notary, are more user friendly and their treatment is thus accelerated. The Notary is a senior legal advisor in all types of noncontentious procedures. Among them, the most common ones are :

  • Homologation of a mandate (incapacity)
  • Opening of a protection regime (incapacity)
  • Replacement of a curator or tutor (incapacity)
  • Nomination of a liquidator (succession)
  • Verification of last will (succession)
  • Judicial acquisition of a right of ownership (real estate)
  • Joint application for divorce (family)

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